Prefabricated Orthotics

Medical Grade Prefabricated orthotics are “off the shelf” and provide a low cost, functional orthotic, for moderate foot correction. They are very useful in treating and offloading a range of foot conditions, but may not be suitable for everyone, although, our skilled podiatrists are very experienced with fitting and altering these prefabricated devices to accommodate foot function.
We stock several different designs of prefabricated orthoses to best match your foot type, and are able to alter them on site as required.

Semi Customised Orthotics

Semi customised orthotics allow for a strong supportive device with the same materials and a similar manufacture process to the customised option, but at a lower cost. Perfect for a growing foot. Semi-customised orthotics provide more support than the prefabricated option. With the semi-customised option, our podiatrists have the ability to add limited internal modifications to the orthotic to help with functionality and fit of the device.

Customised Orthotic

The customised orthotic is taken from a model of your foot by either casting, or 3D scanning. A customised orthotic allows our podiatrists to address specific conditions and get you the best results possible. Podiatrists are specifically trained in designing and prescribing customised orthotics. Customised orthotics can be made to suit a range of shoes, and can be designed specifically for running, football or cycling.